We put this website together to help people like you. We know that there are so many people that did not get much help growing up with regards to money. Most people got no help in school and no teaching about it form parents and so once they were old enough to manage there own money they had no clue. People like you are just guessing and hoping that what they are doing is working well for them. It is something which can be difficult and therefore we want to help. To start off we have put together this website which contains all sorts of information about finance. The idea is that we hope to be able to help you with finance so that you are able to cope better when making decisions. We will help you to know what to consider when choosing financial products, we want to teach you more about different types of products and just generally help you know that you should stop and consider things before making decisions with your money. Hopefully you will then feel more in control and be willing to learn lost more so that you can feel totally in control all of the time.