Volunteering at Friend

We’ve had lots of interest from people who want to volunteer. This will be a busy summer for us as we’re giving the site a re-vamp and improving the infrastructure. Our current volunteer days are very successful and at the moment we have enough volunteers – if we get too many more we’ll struggle to find jobs for you to do!

If you’re desperate to come down and help, read ‘What we need from volunteers’ and get in touch with the people mentioned below. We desperately need help with fundraising – you could volunteer to do this (see ‘Fundraising’ below). If you’re unable to do this, you could come to one of our open days. We also organise private tours in summer but ask for a donation, please get in touch for more info.

Current volunteer days

Currently we have three volunteer work days on the 2nd, 3rd and last Saturdays of the month. This works well for us as the people involved organise the group and the visit themselves.

If you’re coming from somewhere else on these days you can still get in touch with these people and they’ll tell you where to go from there.


A job that we desperately need volunteers for is fundraising. You could hold bake sales, raffles, sponsored walks/runs/etc, office events, benefit gigs, the list goes on! Please get in touch with friendfarmedanimalrescue@gmail.com for more information.

Other opportunities

There are plenty of other things you can do for FRIEND! You can organise fundraising events, stalls, food donations, help with admin, artwork and design, etc… If you have a skill that will come in handy e.g. plumbing, electrics, carpentry, building etc., please get in touch and we’ll get back to you!



What we need from volunteers

We need volunteers who are dedicated to coming down on a regular basis. People who want to do something for the animals, who want to take responsibility for the work they do here. We want this for many reasons:

  • We need regularity so we know that the volunteer day is going ahead, and that there will be people there who can assist in organising the group
  • You will learn a lot about animal care, and will be able to pass this information on to teach new volunteers the skills
  • It makes running the sanctuary easier
  • You’ll get to meet new friends and catch up with them, as well as see the fruit of your work

If you can’t commit, that’s fine!
Just pop down to one of our open days!